How the Program Works

Easy for you, easy for your employees.

How Split to Save works

Our partnership educates your employees on the benefits of using Direct Deposit and Split Deposit to grow savings.

  • Split to Save is a free, online program that motivates employees to split a portion of each paycheck toward a savings goal of their choice.
  • America Saves helps you educate your employees on how to set up Split Deposit and develop a savings habit.
  • Once an employee enrolls in the Split to Save program, they receive ongoing support, motivation, and information from America Saves through targeted emails, text messages, and social media.

“We want to show employees how to save the easy way—automatically—simply by utilizing direct deposit to split a portion of their pay into a savings account. It’s the old adage of paying yourself first."

George Barany, America Saves Director


Your employee's experience

Once you complete your company’s online profile, you will receive the Split to Save program through a unique website URL that you will need to send to your employees to enroll in the program.

The URL leads workers to a short (less than 5 minutes) program about saving at work that includes:

  • A video highlighting the benefits and ease of saving through split deposit that also includes instructions on how to do it.
  • Taking The America Saves Pledge where they create a simple savings plan by identifying a saving goal, a dollar amount to be saved each paycheck, and a time frame for reaching this goal.
  • The opportunity for employees to print or download their pledge information. Employees will be prompted to bring the pledge information and their existing account and routing numbers with them to payroll to set up split deposit into two accounts.

Getting started is easy.

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