Getting Started

Want to help your employees save automatically? Here’s what you need to do.

You can get started using The Split to Save Program in just five easy steps. There is only one requirement in order to use Split to Save and that is to pay your employees using direct deposit. Here’s why:


Step #1: Register on to receive your unique employer link.

  • You can customize your link with information specific to your benefits programs.

Step #2: Choose a start date for beginning to offer Split to Save to your employees

Step #3: Select a target enrollment rate to help measure your program’s success.

Step #4: Incorporate Split to Save into new employee orientation/onboarding process

General program information and the personalized link can be included in:

  • Notices of hiring
  • On-site orientation or onboarding sessions
  • Follow up email after orientation with next step instructions

Step #5: Outline the communications strategy - consider:

  • Including information about Split to Save in internal employee communications such as emails and newsletters
  • Displaying flyers strategically around the workplace
  • Including Split to Save enrollment link into open enrollment information

Click here for the full Split to Save Implementation Guide.


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Getting started is easy.

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