Program Requirements

Want to help your employees save automatically? Here’s what you need to do.

There are three requirements you will need in order to successfully implement your Split to Save program. America Saves can help you work through these steps.


1. Direct Deposit

  • The most successful savers have two accounts - one for spending and one for saving. The Split to Save program instructs employees to complete your direct deposit form and designate an amount to save into a separate account if you provide split pay. If not, we encourage automatic transfers through their financial institution from one account to another.
  • Using a prepaid card or payroll card? You will need to provide information on how workers can save into a separate bucket within the card or how they can save into a separate account. This information will be inserted into your customized Split to Save program.

2. Know where and how you will implement the program

In order for employees to complete the Split to Save program, you will need to send them your personalized program link. You can do this in many different places. The most successful programs encourage employees to complete the program before orientation and include the program link in one or more of the following places:

  • Notice of hiring
  • Follow up email with next step instructions
  • On-site orientation
  • On-site onboarding
  • During the benefits period

3. Reporting program data

On an annual basis, we will ask you to provide us with the following information to gauge effectiveness and impact:

  • Number of employees reached
  • Number of employees signing up for direct deposit
  • Number of employees splitting a portion of their pay to a savings account
  • Number of new bank accounts opened
  • Amount automatically directed into savings accounts

This information will help demonstrate the success of your program.

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