Split to Save Digital Toolkit

America Saves Split to Save Program can help support your workplace financial wellness programs by partnering with you to encourage and motivate your employees to save the easiest, simplest way possible - automatically through split deposit.  The split deposit strategy is proven effective in developing a lifetime saving habit.  Financial counselors and coaches recommend establishing automatic savings as one of the soundest approaches to building financial health.

The Split to Save Program is a free online program that helps you educate your employees about the benefits of direct deposit and split deposit to grow their savings by paying themselves first. The resources in this tool kit are designed to help you use the Split to Save program in a way that is best suited for your particular workforce.

Get started using Split to Save by enrolling as a Split to Save employer and then take advantage of the resources below to maximize the potential of this workplace saving program.

  1. Launch Split to Save in your workplace by following these five easy steps. Click here for the Split to Save Implementation Guide.


  1. Ensure that your workplace saving program incorporates all the essential elements to successfully help your employees develop a lifelong savings habit. Refer to the America Saves Workplace Standards Document.


  1. Help your employees understand how saving automatically through split deposit works by sharing this Saving Automatically Flyer. Download the flyer, co-branded with your logo, and distribute to your employees.


  1. Share the following resources about saving for emergencies with your employees. Use these resources to help your workforce understand exactly what an emergency saving account is, why it is important to save for emergencies, how to build emergency savings, and where to keep emergency savings.




  1. Watch these videos for ideas on how other employers have effectively used Split to Save in their workplaces in order to emphasize the importance of saving for emergencies.


  1. Listen to these testimonials from Todd Clossin, President and CEO and Tony Pietranton, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Wesbanco who share how the Split to Save program has become an important component to their overall benefits program and corporate culture.


  1. Read this article Building Saving Confidence Through Split Deposit to understand why split deposit works so well in the workplace and what some of the benefits are to both employers and employees.