Approximately 5% of all payroll may be lost to unproductive time caused by worker financial stress and fragility.

America Saves is here to help support your workplace financial wellness. We partner with you to help encourage and motivate your workers to save the easiest, simplest way possible—automatically through split deposit. Using this elegant strategy can help your employees develop a lifetime savings habit.

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How the Split to Save Program Works

Working together, we educate your employees on the benefits of direct deposit and split deposit to grow their savings by paying themselves first.

  • Split to Save is a free, online program that motivates employees to split a portion of each paycheck toward a savings goal of their choice, including an emergency fund.
  • America Saves creates a unique program link for your employees to use to complete the Split to Save program. We also provide guidance on how best to implement the program in your workplace.
  • Employees complete three quick steps to enroll in Split to Save. Then they receive ongoing support, motivation, and information from America Saves through emails, segmented opt-in text messages, and social media.

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Program Benefits

The program is free and benefits employees and employers. 82 percent of U.S. workers use Direct Deposit, but only 24 percent of them split a portion of their pay into a non-retirement savings account. We can change that.

  • Split Deposit provides automatic savings, convenience, control, and reliability.
  • Workers who use Split Deposit save up to $90 more per month than those who use another method to save.
  • Split Deposit can assist workers with their short- and long-term savings goals quickly and effortlessly.
  • Split Deposit can build employee satisfaction.

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Getting Started

In order to implement this program, you must provide the following:

  1. Direct Deposit with a Split Deposit option
  2. Provide the program electronically to employees

Getting Started


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