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Learn about Split To Save's Mission, Vision, Values, and Commitments.

About the Program

Split to Save is a program of America Saves. It is offered to employers at no cost, with several resources to guide your staff toward better financial wellness and stability.

Split to Save employers receive support and assistance directly from the America Saves team with choosing which resources make the most sense for their organization. Each resource or tool emphasizes to your staff the importance of using split deposit to save automatically for both short-term financial goals (like being prepared for an emergency) and long-term financial goals (like buying a home, retirement, or paying for education).


Our Mission:
Split to Save supports employers in educating and encouraging their employees to save automatically using split deposit.

Our Vision:
Split to Save’s vision is for all American workers to have a savings account that is funded automatically using split deposit and can be used to pay for unexpected and emergency expenses.

Our Commitment:
Split to Save is committed to the workers’ financial well-being. We provide an easy to implement resource for employers to use to motivate workers to save automatically through split deposit, particularly for emergencies. We support employers’ efforts to offer financial wellness benefits and support employees to help build savings for short and long term goals.

Our Message:
Split to Save recognizes its system as one of the best ways to encourage workers to save automatically through split deposit.

We know that:

  • The workplace is the best place to save automatically.
  • Saving automatically using split deposit is the easiest and most efficient way to save.
  • Workers trust their employers to provide reliable and trustworthy resources.
  • Financially healthy workers are more productive and less stressed.

And we believe:

  • Employers can play a positive role in the financial lives of their employees.
  • The best way to save effectively is to begin saving small amounts over time.
  • Saving for emergencies helps preserve retirement savings for their intended use.
  • Saving even $5 or $10 per paycheck can help workers start their saving journey.

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